Workshop EU-Parliament


On 16 November 2022, No patents on seeds! organised an online Workshop for the European Parliament. The workshop was hosted by MEPs Maria Noichl (Social Democratic Party) & Tilly Metz (Green Group).

In the workshop, an overview was given on latest developments on seed patents in Europe by No Patents on Seeds!. Speakers from different sectors were invited to share their expertise. 

Watch the recording of the Zoom webinar here. You can switch the Audio channel to Original / German / English. 



Introduction from inviting MEPs

Overview on recent findings from patent research / No Patents on seeds! / Mr Christoph Then (find the presentation here)

First round of statements and questions from MEPs

Input from a breeder / Nordic Maize breeding / Ms Grietje J.Raaphorst-Travaille (find the presentation here)

Input from a farmer / COPA-COGECA / Mr Thor Gunnar Kofoed

Second round of discussion and comments

Input from a brewer / Private breweries Austria, Hirter brewery / Mr Nikolaus Riegler

Input about the perspective of the global south / South Centre / Mr Carlos Correa (find the presentation here)

Final round of discussion and comments

Concluding remarks from MEPs


The invitation to the workshop