Syngenta's healthy tomatoes


A monopoly on specific tomatoes with a higher content of healthy compounds known as flavonols was granted by the EPO to the Swiss company Syngenta in August 2015. The patent covers the plants, the seeds and the fruits. Patent EP1515600 describes the crossing of wild tomatoes with domesticated varieties. The original tomatoes were collected in countries such as Peru. In 2016, the patent led to the filing of a record mass opposition by around 65.000 individuals, supported by NO PATENTS ON SEEDS!. In 2018, the decision on the opposition is still pending. A public hearing at the EPO is scheduled for 26 March 2019, taking place from  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Pschorr-Höfe 1-6, 2455, Munich. 

Photos of handing over the opposition (May 2016)

Patent file on EPO website