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The European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a patent on salmon fed with certain plants (EP1965658). The feedstuff is patented, as is the rearing and feeding of the fish, the fish itself and the fish oil. The fish can be fed with conventional or genetically modified plants.

The patent led to public protests in 2016 when the EPO first announced it was granting the patent. At that time, the European Patent Office received hundreds of letters of protest and stopped the application approval process. However, in October 2018 the patent was granted after all.

No patents on seeds! believes that the patent violates the prohibition of patents on plants and animals from conventional breeding.
No patents on seeds! is preparing an opposition to be handed over to the European Patent Office in Munich on 26 June 2019. The Administrative Council i.e. the controlling body of the EPO where its 38 contracting states are represented is scheduled to convene on that day. 

No patents on seeds! is calling for support for the opposition – the more signatures we gather the more emphatic the message. Deadline to submit your signature is 20 June 2019.

Support the opposition online or send the pdf form via post!

We ask organizations who want to support the opposition to send an email to confirming that your organization wants to support the opposition.

Text of the patent

The patent on the website of the EPO