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On 6 July 2023, a conference on patents and new GMO took place in the EU Parliament. 

Watch the recording of the event here (English/German).

This event was co-hosted by Green/EFA MEPs Martin Häusling, Sarah Wiener, Thomas Waitz and Benoît Biteau together with No Patents on Seeds!.

The agricultural biotechnology industry is lobbying hard to exclude plants derived from ‘new genomic techniques’ from the EU's GMO law, which requires traceability and consumer labelling of these products. The industry is filing more and more patent applications for such plants. At the same time, it is also working to expand the scope of patents to conventionally bred plants.

If these efforts are successful, the EU will see a surge of patented seeds, including both genetically engineered and conventional seeds. This would have severe consequences for breeders, farmers, food producers and consumers. Our conference will provide new information on recent patent applications and discuss the potential impacts of patented seeds on EU plant breeding, farming and consumers.


Welcoming words: Sarah Wiener

Part I New Genomic Techniques

Presentation of a new report "The possible deregulation of certain GMOs in the EU: What would the implications be?" - Dr. Adrian Ely University of Sussex

Panel discussion:

Claire Bury General Director DG SANTE - Find the presentation here.
Nina Holland (CEO) - Find the presentation here. 
Dr. Christoph Then (Testbiotech)
Dr. Adrian Ely (author of the Green study) - Find the presentation here. 
Alessandra Turco (via campesina)
Martin Häusling (Green/EFA)
Moderation: Benny Haerlin

Part II Patents

Dagmar Urban Arche Noah - Presenting the report of No Patents on Seeds: "The future of plant breeding is under threat in Europe - Current interpretation of patent law is insufficient to stop patents on conventional breeding”. - Find the presentation here.

Dr. Christoph Then (Testbiotech) - Presenting recent findings from CRISPR patents. (Find the report here.) - Find the presentation here. 

Panel discussion:
Green MEP
Denis Dambois DG Growth
Maria Arena (S&D)
Dagmar Urban (Arche Noah)
Frans Carree (De Bolster)
Eric Gall (IFOAM)

Moderation: Johanna Eckhardt

Closing words: Thomas Waitz