Patent on lettuce (germination)

Salat Keimung

The patent EP 2 966 992 B1 was granted to the Dutch company Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt by the European Patent Office in Munich. In the patent, the company claims lettuce seeds, plants and the harvest of lettuces that grow in a hotter climate. The trait, which is also known from wild lettuce species, is supposed to be helpful in adaption to ongoing climate change. The seeds are derived from conventional breeding without any involvement of genetic engineering. According to the text of the patent, all the lettuce seeds, plants and offspring showing the desired traits are covered by the patent. No Patents on Seeds! has filed an opposition against this patent on lettuce on the 17.02.2019.



Press release (6 March 2019)

Reasons for opposition against patent on lettuce.pdf

Patent EP 2 966 992 B1

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